*** Wholesale of embroidery tissue box cover and toilet roll holder 




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VGTR-9    One set of 7 pieces toilet roll holder


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8668  12X13"  White cotton with color embroidery tissue box cover

Art. No.D0117    Size:12X13" 

 P6/2TR  7X17"      
 P6TR  7X17"


Art. No. 9716    Toilet roll  holder
 Size: 7X9"
9911C-s.jpg (12790 bytes)
Art.No. 9911C Satin napkin case
6717-s.jpg (16780 bytes)
 No. 6717/1 

Art. No.  P6   Toilet roll holder
Size: 7X9"

Art. No. P6-2 Size:   Toilet roll holder
Size: 7X9"
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Art. NO. 9910/B

Art. No. P2/2TB  

 Art. No. P6TB 
9906-A-s.jpg (16936 bytes)
Art. NO. 9906/A