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Linen     72X90"
5034 72X90" White line with cutwork hand embroidery tablecloth

K0047  72X90" White linen with hand embroidery tablecloth

335  72X90"  White linen with drawn work hand embroidery tablecloth (no napkins)

291 72X90" White linen with cutwork hand embroidery tablecloths

Cotton, Polyester   72X90"

TCAP-7290-1  72X90"   White polyester/cotton with applique embroidery tablecloth

Available size and color

White Polyester Ecru Polyester
- 54X54" square
- 54X72" oblong
72X90" oblong 72X90" oblong
72X108" oblong 72X108" oblong
- 72X90" oval
- 72X108" oval
72X72" round 72X72" round
- 90X90" round
002 White or ecru polyester with cross stitch machine embroidery tablecloth

9706-1  White or cream  polyester viscose with machine embroidery tablecloth
 54"sq   54X72" , 72"rd  , 72X90" , 72x108"
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7290-3 72X90" White polyester/cotton with color hand embroidery tablecloth
080B 72X90" oval
 White cotton with crochet lace and drawnwork embroidery tablecloth
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Size @
 72x108 ov  set
 72x126 ob  set
 72x144 ob  set
 72x90  ov  set

Art. No.13698   72X90 ov 
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BL7290-10   72X90"  White cotton with batten lace tablecloth
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8713  72X90"  White cotton with batten lace tablecloth  

Art. No.7926HA 72X90"  White  cotton with color machine embroidery tablecloths
(also available in size 72X108 & 72X90")

White cotton with cutwork machine embroidery tablecloth

VGL001 72X108" White linen with drawnwork hand embroidery tablecloth 

 056 White cotton with cutwork machine embroidery tablecloth    
901 72X90" Ecru cotton with machine cutwork embroidery tablecloth



89067 72X90" White cotton with applique work hand embroidery tablecloth