Wholesaler of embroidery tablecloths, bed sheets, bed covers, handkerchiefs, guest towels, doilies & tray cloths
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Long Hah Fung Co., Ltd.

Since 1972


Long Hah Fung Co., Ltd. was established in 1972.After more than 45 years of business we are known by our overseas clients for good service and remarkable price.  We are one of the major importers & exporters and wholesalers of  hand embroidery linens - tablecloths, bed sheets, bed covers, towels, doilies, tray cloths & etc.  Please take a moment of yours valued time to browse through our latest offers. 



 Person to Contact :

  Joseph Lam

Address :

   Western Centre,
   12th floor, Room 1205,
   40-50 Des Voeux Road West,
   Sheung Wan,     Hong Kong.

 Our  location

  Tel: (852)25232557    (852)25254772  
Fax : (852)28680032

E-MAIL : joseph@longhahfung.com   

Lace Parasol * Lace Fan
Lace Glover
Tablecloths Handkerchiefs Bed sheets Bed covers
Napkins Guest Towels  Full Lace 
 crochet lace  *  Venice lace  *   Belgian lace * tatting lace * batten lace 
Garments :  
 Shawls  *  Blouses  *  Scarf  *  Kimonos  *  House Coats  *  Night Dresses  *  Dresses
Placemats, doilies & runners Piano Covers
Hot Roll Covers   Aprons Pillow Cases Cushion Covers  and  Sachets Lace or embroidery Collars Tissue box cover   *  napkin case   *   toilet roll holder


Gift Bags  Shoe's Holders
Wine Bottle Covers Eye Glass Holders
Accessories Bags  Laundry Bags  
Wine Bottle Jackets *   Tea Pot Covers Thick color cotton tablecloth for restaurant Lace Trimming & embroidery trimming 
Curtain Custom embroidery can also be provided upon request

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